Spring Landscape Enhancement Tips to Refresh Your Commercial Property

Spring is on its way. For those living in the northeast, that means it’ll soon be time to give your commercial property a well-needed refresh.  If you are ready to learn about some landscape enhancement tips, then keep reading. We have you covered in the article below.

In our previous post, we covered some landscaping tips for helping your landscape prepare for the cold ahead. You may have aerated and overseeded last fall and winterized your turf and plants— and although this did help to set your property up for success, it’s a great time to enhance your landscape once more.

Everyone likes to see a fresh, green landscape this spring, and a few simple landscape enhancement can go a long way in attracting more visitors or customers.

Here are four landscape enhancement tips to transform that dreary winter aftermath into a vibrant outdoor space:

Landscape Enhancement Tip 1: Stock Up on Fertilizer

Pennsylvania winters can be taxing on even healthy turfs— and fluctuating temperatures as we transition into spring certainly don’t help. 

Your lawn went through a lot of stress, using up most of its store resources to survive the cold. You may even notice dead patches: the result of salt damage from deicer products, snow mold, cold desiccation, lawn voles or other common causes of winter turf damage.

While it varies depending on the weather, April is usually a great time in PA to start laying down some nourishing fertilizer to give your grass the nutrients it needs to bounce back strong. Typically, we recommend reapplying a treatment of slow-release fertilizer* once a month throughout the beginning of summer to prepare your turf for summer stress ahead.

*Slow-release fertilizer requires a thorough watering to activate. Hydrate your landscape properly this spring with these watering tips.

Landscape Enhancement Tip 2: Plant Seasonal Color Displays

Breathe life back into your faded vegetation by teaming up with a landscaper to plot out colorful seasonal plant displays. Plant vibrant flowers and green foliage in planters, in garden beds or near your signage and entrances, in an artfully arranged layout that offers low-maintenance design

Landscape Enhancement

The right landscaper will recommend the best plants for longevity, to match your color scheme, or whatever priority you desire. They’ll also be knowledgeable on the latest landscape trends to stay relevant against your competitors’ landscapes. For instance, The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) declared the hot new “in” color for 2020 blue— specifically Indigo— which is sure to be a popular choice for color displays to come.  

Stay proactive year round: If you had a chance to plant some cold-resistant plants last fall, you may have saved yourself some work already. For instance, Dogwood trees open their beautiful blooms here in PA during the springtime and perennials like Snapdragon and Tulip flowers produce radiant pink, red, blue, orange or various colored flowers every spring. That’s why it’s very important to maintain your landscape year round and think ahead!

Landscape Enhancement Tip 3: Draft & Install Hardscape Installation

If your landscape is in need of major hardscape updates, spring is a terrific time to prioritize installation. These design plans should too include repairs, if needed, in addition to full-on new construction projects. From installing steps and adding underground drainage piping to creating elevations or garden beds, there are plenty of projects ideal for spring weather. 

After assessing your property’s condition post-winter, have a landscape professional draft out a landscape design plan for your construction projects with prospective stage dates. The right hardscaper can map out and deliver on your construction needs in a timely fashion, so that you can enjoy your new landscape mid-to-late spring and all summer long.

Landscape Enhancement Tip 4: Make Safety Improvements

Spring is also the ideal time to enhance your landscape with better safety and security measures. These are things that can always be improved upon, and go a long way into making your visitors feel better protected and in better securing your business.

Plot additional lighting to better illuminate walking paths and parking lots, clearly define your entrance and exits with smart landscape design and keep your property well-manicured, just for starters. Some landscape professionals can think beyond the aesthetics of a layout to its functionality as well, keep to the core principle of “crime prevention through environmental design” or CPTED, so be on the lookout for a team with knowledge of these practices.

Safety and security are especially important for certain commercial properties, like college campuses and retirement homes. Learn more about ways we design landscapes for these particular clients by clicking each relevant link.

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Start with a Landscape Site Assessment

Fall is a popular time to have your commercial landscape assessed, but we also have many customers who do it in the spring. Having your property professionally inspected at least once a year helps to ensure you aren’t missing any important enhancement opportunities that can lead to happier visitors.  

During a spring site assessment, your landscaper can make a comprehensive list of all of the ways you can enhance your property in the coming months ahead— and to prioritize where to get started. 
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Caramanico Team