8 Beautiful, Cold-Resistant Plants for Winters in Pennsylvania

Do you live in Pennsylvania and are looking for cold-resistant plants for your flower beds during the winter? In this article, we share eight beautiful cold-resistant plants you can choose from.

Once winter hits in Pennsylvania, your landscape can get pretty dreary. Even during periods of no snow, frost-bitten nights can wreak havoc on your landscape and kill most outdoor life

Keep your property lively this winter with some cold weather-resistant plants. Here’s eight varieties that’ll still grow colorfully as the temperature drops:

1. Violas

Though dainty, don’t underestimate the mighty viola. They grow in the alpine mountains through freezing snow— and bounce back after some heavy rain, too.

These gorgeous flowers from the violet family come in many colors such as blue, yellow, white, purple and bi-colored varieties, adding a pop of color to your dreary winter landscape. Since they grow in clusters, line your pathways as borders. Just make sure they have some sun!

2. Holly Bush

During Christmas time, we see mistletoe around every corner. This is actually the green, glossy leaves and bright red berries of holly. You can plant your holly bush in the spring or fall to enjoy all year long.

If you are planting the shrub for its berries, make sure you get the female variety of the plant, as the males do not produce any. Trim your bush to create your own Christmas wreaths or winter decorations.

3. Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees endure all year long, even after their stunning pink or white flowers bloom in spring. In the winter, their gray-brown bark and some leaves remain— and they produce small clusters of bright red fruit, called drupes, which birds love.

Position your dogwood somewhere where it gets at least a half day’s worth of sun early spring of fall. They’ll grow in shade, but they won’t bloom their lovely flowers there. As a perennial, you’ll enjoy its class for many seasons.

4. Agave

Have you ever added a splash of agave nectar to your tea or onto your pancakes? These desert cold-resistant plants are used to extreme drought and temperatures, making them the perfect cold-hardy addition to your garden.

It’s an evergreen perennial, looking much like a succulent and can even produce golden yellow flowers. However, dry soil during winter months is critically important, so these are better suited as potted decors for those in PA. Here’s a few different varieties to choose from.

5. Winter Flowering Iris

Winter flowering irises need very little work to maintain, as they are quite resilient. Blooming between November and late February, these blue or purple irises enjoy a lengthy cold-weather stint, before their final flowering frenzy in March through April.

Hot, sunny summers can help to produce more winter flowers, while a dull summer might mean more shy buds. Plant them in a south-facing position, ideally against a wall, and let them go wild.

6. Juniper Tree

Although many are more familiar with the warm-region varieties of juniper, there are more winter-hardy varieties too. These coniferous evergreen trees stand tall and almost resemble bushes.

They can take on a cool blue hue in the winter, giving your garden some contrast. Ensure you “winter-proof” a young juniper against frost and wind with burlap; however, an aged tree is built to withstand winter extremes, surviving just fine through PA winters.

7. Snapdragons

Named after the divided upper and lower “jaws” of the bloom that resemble a dragon, snapdragon’s make it up to the first frost. They actually grow best during the cool season, and will shine their bright flowers throughout the winter. They are frost-tender though, and will die if exposed to snow.

These perennials will come back strong in the spring and can be pruned to produce more radiant pink, red, blue, orange or various colored flowers. These tall beauties love lots of sun! Read more about planting snapdragons here.

8. Poinsettia

The vibrant red poinsettia is a staple holiday flower in Pennsylvania, often given as gifts around Christmas time. Many owners guiltily throw them in the trash post-holiday, but these can be year-round cold-resistant plants when properly cared for indoors.

Even in the winter, you can display them in windows or outside on your doorstep if they are kept frost-free, else they’ll wither. They’ll go dormant after their bloom and lose their leaves, but if you keep them warm, they’ll come back strong.

Proper Care for Your Winter Cold-Resistant Plants

This mix of floral beauties and stately foliage could create quite the diverse cold-weather garden or outdoor decor.

Don’t forget to winterize your property so that your plants come back vibrant and strong come spring.

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