How safe is your campus?

As beautiful as college and university campuses can be, they can also pose safety concerns for students and faculty members. Here are five campus landscape safety concerns to be aware of: 2. Uneven Surfaces: Uneven surfaces, such as cracked or broken sidewalks or stairs, can be a tripping hazard for students and faculty. 3. Overgrown…
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Superstar of the Month September

Emil led the charge of recent landscape improvements at Maris Grove. The project was challenging due to the weather and working around an active chapel with a lot of resident activity. Emil and his team delivered an outstanding product, and the customer is already asking for more designs and proposals for the 2024 landscape season.…
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Meadow Areas

Meadow Areas

Meadow areas require TLC and attention to detail just like most landscapes, contrary to the common misconception that they are maintenance-free. However, when properly cared for, they can be a valuable addition to a property and the environment. Let’s work together to create a plan and get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful,…
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Health & Safety Day

Health & Safety Day – 2023

One of our goals at C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. is to always “Work on Ourselves“. Be a lifelong learner. Seek out and take advantage of every opportunity to gain more knowledge, to increase your skills, and to become a better expert. Be resourceful about learning and sharing what you’ve learned.
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Kona Ice

Family Picnic 2023

Every year, Caramanico holds a family picnic with lots of food and of course prizes. Everyone enjoys spending the afternoon together.
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