"Thank you so much for once again working miracles and delivering on time. The parking islands and northside work help to create the oasis that we have been striving toward the last 5 years. My sincere thanks and appreciation!"

Alicia Lupold – Property & Project Manager

"Just a quick note of thanks for the great job Dennis, Teo and his crew did. I am sure it wasn't easy working in mud most of the time but they got the job done and done right.

Really appreciate all your help!"

Gus F. – Grounds Manager

"We have used Caramanico Landscaping since the opening of Riddle Village in 1993 and had no significant issues relating to their level of service to give use any reason to consider another landscaper. They have been very responsive to any matters or requests presented to them.

Caramanico handles all the landscaping with the exception of tree care. While our maintenance team handles all snow removal, we will occasionally request assistance from Caramanico during major snow storms that may require the use of extra manpower to shovel and front-end loaders to move the snow piles to other locations. Therefore, without any hesitation, I would highly and confidently recommend Caramanico for your landscaping needs as they are committed to providing quality customer service to their clients."

Robert B. – President/CEO

"I am writing to thank the entire Caramanico Team for their hard work and dedication in clearing our driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. The winter has been particularly challenging with the numerous ice storms and extreme cold weather. Your team was responsive and respectful of the challenges that a hospital faces during extreme weather condition.

In particular, I'd like to recognize Matt Tansey who, during the most recent storm, worked 24 hours straight on site, managed the crews and even took the initiative to assist numerous employees in cleaning off their cars. He has been singled out by many of our employees who wanted to know who they should thank for the great service.

Thanks for being a great partner with our organization."

Beth – Regional Hospital CEO

" Had an appointment today and I parked outside in one of the spots for Jefferson visitors. When I came back out, it had been snowing, and there were a few people working on the sidewalks. They all saw that I was coming and stopped so I didn't get coated with snow. This was nice of them. Then when they saw where my car was, right near where they had been working, one guys came out and made a quick work of the snow on my car with a leafblower they had been using, so I didn't have to get my brush and make it driveable.

Really just nice people being nice randomly, but I googled the property and found a page where you're listed as the manager, so I just wanted to tell you about this. They are representing your property and I gotta say, they made me feel like a valued guest there."

Sharon – Property Guest

"Another amazing job by your snow removal crew! Yesterday was a bear and your crew kept up with it. Thank you and your crew who kept our streets and lots clear. You guys rock!!!"

Karen – Unique Industries, Inc.

"I am writing to tell management that the other day I was at Giant in Havertown. I noticed a young man planting new plants in the large planters. I was so surprised that he actually was doing it right.

The two young men were so polite and so friendly. It was so refreshing that I had to write.

The young men were Pierre and Edwin. Great guys and good workers.

Property Visitor

"Many thanks to Loreen, Joe and the Caramanico Team. The pruning has been well done. We are very happy with the attention to detail and the care taken to address the back of the unites in phase 1 and 3.

The suggestions that I have made have been addressed. We greatly appreciate the suggestions coming from Loreen and Joe.

It is a pleasure to watch landscape workers actually look and assess the work they are doing.

Great Job Caramanico!"

Carol D. – West Chester, PA