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Outdoor Lighting

5 Ways to Enhance Your Commercial Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

Is your commercial landscape looking dim and deary after the sun goes down? Is it hard for visitors and staff to see when exiting your building every evening? So, let’s talk about outdoor lighting and enhancing your commercial landscaping. Your exterior lighting can drastically influence your property’s safety, security and visual appeal. When plotted strategically,…
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landscape security improvements

5 Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Commercial Property’s Security

Looking for ways to make your property more secure?  Whether your goal is to help your residents feel safer around your apartment complex, deter mischief throughout your park system or prevent break-ins to your office space, we’ve got a few simple ways to increase your landscape’s security through clever landscaping.  Here are five ways to…
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2020 landscaping trends

6 Fresh Landscaping Design Trends for 2020

Want to stay on top of the 2020 commercial landscaping trends? Check out these six landscape trends that are likely to emerge this year.
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Creating a safe retirement home landscape

8 Ways to Increase Your Retirement Community’s Landscape Safety

When was the last time you considered your landscape’s safety? Here at 8 ways to improve the safety around your property.
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Proper Winter drainage

The Dangers of Improper Drainage in the Winter

Has your parking lot been collecting water and creating unsafe ice patches this winter? Read our blog to understand the importance of improper drainage.
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