Snow & Ice Management Industry Certification

Local snow removal contractor awarded “certified” status by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association, is proficient in established industry standards.

Upland, PA – C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. has successfully completed the necessary educational requirements. They have proven knowledgeable of established industry standards to earn “ASCA Certified” status by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association.

Caramanico Snow

“I believe strongly in abiding by established industry standards for snow and ice management,” John Caramanico Jr. says. “Earning ‘ASCA Certified’ status lets others know that I practice and provide a superior level of customer service and professionalism. In snow removal and ice mitigation, it is important keeping my clients’ employees and customers safe, throughout the winter months, as well as reducing their exposure to slip-and-fall litigation.”

The association’s “ASCA Certified” program is the result of establishing the first “industry standards” for the professional snow and ice management industry. The ASCA’s overall goal is to lower instances of frivolous slip-and-fall claims and to control insurance premiums.

How Important is Snow & Ice Management?

“Anyone who engages in snow and ice management, or contracts for this essential winter service, understands how baseless slip-and-fall personal injury claims have gotten out of control. Liability insurance rates have skyrocket and has had a negative impact on many small businesses’ bottom-lines,” says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride. “It is our belief that the ‘ASCA Certified’ designation will serve as a strong deterrent to plaintiff’s attorneys pursuing these frivolous claims. This will also will help snow contractors work with their clients to provide the safest conditions possible during winter weather events.”

Snow & Ice Management Certification | Caramanico Landscape

ASCA members receive the certification status after completing 10 hours of one-hour, ASCA-approved online educational classes. After each session, a test is issued. They must be passed (80% is a passing grade) to receive credit. Once the required class work is completed ASCA certification is issued to the contractor. This is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Contractors are required to take 10 hours of online education through ASCA in order to keep their certification status current.

About the ASCA

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association with the purpose of advancing the professional snow and ice management industry and to promote its role in performing high-risk services to society. Check out for more details. Or contact ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride directly at 216/393-0246 or via email at