Why Hiring Professionals to Maintain Your Commercial Property is Almost Always Better than DIY Landscaping

While you might think you can save a pretty penny mowing your own commercial property’s grass, there’s a lot more to maintaining your business’ landscape that just that.

Here are some reasons why it’s almost always better to hire a professional to care for your commercial property than to try and manage it yourself.

There’s Often Hidden Costs

While it might seem more cost-effective to stick to DIY landscaping on your commercial property, sometimes it can end up being more expensive or time-consuming than investing in an efficient team, who has the process nailed down.

You may be able to save money on supplies by buying your own dirt, fertilizer, weed control, etc. but many landscaping companies get these materials at better, bulk prices. And when you account for the time these professionals invest in taking care of your property, the cost can often equal out.

A Landscaper Knows the Right Products & Best Application

All the different turf care and pest management chemicals can become tricky to narrow down, as well as to measure out each out in the right quantities for your property.

Didn’t realize you bought a non-selective herbicide instead of a selective herbicide and just killed all your grass? Chose a fertilizer without nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and see your plants wilting?  A lawn care professional knows exactly how to apply each solution correctly and efficiently, to promote better results.

Maintenance is Rarely a One-Person Job

Commercial properties can be quite large. Mowing a few acres, pruning shrubs, planting many beds of flowers— this can be a full-time job alone.

Even “smaller” business complexes without many areas of grass can become involve a lot of mulching, site clean-up and leaf management. Tack on spraying insect control to keep bugs from deterring customers, or adding irrigation channels so your lot doesn’t flood— and you’ll quickly realize these are tasks that should probably be handled by a devoted crew.

Professionals are Versed in Your Industry

While some commercial landscapers have a diverse portfolio, there are others who focus on specific niches or types of businesses. You are likely to find a company which has maintained similar landscapes, and knows the in’s and out’s of your particular needs.

For example, landscapers who work on park systems or universities might carry more or different expertise than someone who only maintains corporate centers. Seeking the help of a company with direct experience can foster better outcomes.

Landscapers See the Big Picture

DIY landscapers don’t have the trained eye to understand how everything will look holistically, once all the planting is done and each bush is shaped. You have to thoughtfully consider different patterns, colors, sizes, water, and lighting needs— and let’s not forget about the maintenance requirements to ensure the upkeep is manageable.

A commercial landscaper will understand how to accent focal points and really make your property shine to its full potential, without causing the need for a lot of extra seasonal clean-up and care.

You Can Focus on Your Actual Business

Don’t get caught up maintaining daily property care needs when your business itself needs your full attention. Save your time for growing your company, and let someone else foster the growth of your landscape!

Choosing Your Commercial Landscapers

While DIY landscaping can seem like a good idea to cut costs, it often makes more sense to trust a professional commercial landscaper with your businesses property maintenance needs.

Finding the right commercial landscapers can be hard to do. Check out these five qualities to look for when on the hunt, or learn more about our team here at C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc.

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