How to Know You’ve Picked the Right Commercial Landscape Company

You’ve been checking out some commercial landscaping companies to maintain your business or property, but it can be hard to make a final decision.

Before you pick your contractors, look to see how they stand apart from the competition by looking for the following attributes in your new team:

They’ve Invested in Quality Staff, Equipment, Products, Etc.

Some commercial landscape companies can get away with charging less for their services if they are using poorer quality machinery, fertilizers or an under-qualified workforce.

It’s up to you to do some digging. Ask them about the construction equipment and safety practices they follow. Get details on the types of lawn or plant care products they use to ensure they are both environmentally-friendly and effective.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, get to know their culture. Are the people they hired going to be meticulous and do they take pride in their work? Do they have specialized qualifications or robust portfolios? How does the company reward or help these workers to grow in their careers? A lot of the time, you get what you pay for, and it might be worth the long-term reward of investing in commercial contractors who invest in quality, around every corner.

You’re Paired with Your Own Account Manager

Ask the commercial landscape company if you’d have your own point of contact, or one head who you deal with, solely. This account manager will grow to know your property and your needs, personally.

If you need to call in, you’re not wasting time with a random contractor with whom you have no relationship with. It’s also just nice to know your landscaping staff by name and to ensure you aren’t just another quick stop and can rely on them for maintaining a beautiful landscape.

There’s Social Proof of Their Popularity

If you’ve seen a landscape company’s truck driving all about, you know that others in your community are turning to this commercial team for their property care. In many instances, these recurring vehicles signal that the company’s prices are fair and that they offer quality work.

Talk to some local businesses you know or ask around to see if you can find out who they use for their landscape management. Happy customers turn into promoters, so see who’s the talk of the town.

There’s a Mix of Reviews, But They’re Mostly Good

Don’t just rely on word of mouth— back it up with online reviews to reach a completely different demographic.

Head over to Google or Yelp and see what others have to say about the commercial landscapers you’ll researching. Then, check out their Facebook reviews or head over to their website to find testimonials.

When looking at all, ask yourself, “Do these look legit?” A company with nothing but positive reviews can seem unauthentic or fake, like they bribed people to leave good feedback or that they deleted all the bad comments. In any of those scenarios, you’re not getting a realistic impression of the company. Look for landscapers with a mix of reviews and see how the company addressed the negative ones.

They’re Willing to Assess Your Property & Give You a Fair Proposal

Some commercial landscapers may just ask you for your square footage and inquire about what services you’re looking for. These are contractors who don’t offer your unique property the special attention it deserves.

Make sure the company takes time, in the beginning, to meet you face-to-face and assess your property. This way, they’ll see the small things another less attentive company might miss. They’ll count your planter boxes, be able to envision what construction or enhancements might look like in your exact space and be able to give you a more accurate quote. Not to mention, they’ll walk away better prepared when it’s time to get started.

Qualities of a Trusted Landscaping Company

There are certain qualities that great commercial landscapers have, which set them apart from other contractors. Be on the lookout for these five things when choosing a commercial team to manage your property.

These qualities and more are huge reasons why you can trust our team at Caramanico with all your commercial landscaping needs.

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