Snow Through the Years


Snowmen Collection

As we are experiencing what we are hoping to be our last winter storm of the season, it brings back memories of years past.

We first started doing snow work by adding snow removal to our list of services provided to our landscape maintenance customers.

Dad and John took card of sidewalks for our bank customers. Uncle Dom and Mike drove the pickup trucks and plowed the bank parking lots. Soon other customers such as Strawbridge and Clothier, Kmart, Archbishop Carroll were added. 

We were young and our equipment was old. Every storm was a valuable learning experience, says Mike. 

Today we enjoy state of the art equipment and an experienced staff. At our disposal is equipment like pick-up trucks, dump trucks, backhoes, wheel loaders, skid loaders, power brooms, snow blowers, ATVs, salt spreaders and containment plows. We are well equipped to handle every type of snow storm from dustings to blizzards. Our management team knows what it takes to mobilize for any storm. They can work directly with live meteorologists 365 – 24/7 to make the best decisions in the face of impending storms.

On top of the array of equipment available, there is instant access technology and cell phones to keep in touch with both customers and employees. Dad and Uncle Dom would be amazed at what is available today! We congratulate our team and our dependable employees on the great job they do.

Thanks to all of our faithful ‘snow customers’ with whom we have weathered many a storm together. We appreciate your placing your trust in us through the years