University of Pennsylvania, Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Owner: University of Pennsylvania
Contractor: Gilbane Building Company
Landscape Architect: Weiss Manfredi
Category: Landscape Construction

C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. was hired to install landscaping around this new building on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. We sodded all of the grounds of the building to create a lush lawn and also planted shade trees and groundcover. Precast architectural walls were installed to add structural definition to the walkways. Utilizing an engineered weight bearing soil we were able to put down both granite and concrete pavers in the walkways while still being able to promote root growth for vegetation planted near them. Finally we constructed a foundation for an art installation and a steel edged terrace in the back corner of the space. The terrace plunges down to allow natural light and a beautiful view to the lower levels of the facility. The building and grounds won Architect Magazine’s Annual Design Review Award in the Grow category in 2013.