The DiFlorio Healing Garden at Cooper University Hospital

Location: Camden, New Jersey
Service Area: Landscape Construction
Owner: Cooper University Hospital
Contractor: HSC, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Cairone and Kaupp, Inc.
Category: Landscape Construction

C. Caramanico & Sons, Inc. was hired to help create this garden on the hospital campus. We constructed several beds and planted flowers, groundcover, shrubs, and trees. An irrigation system was installed to help maintain the plantings. We also constructed a decorative block masonry wall to help define and shape the space. The site was finished off with crushed granite walkways and amenities like benches and decorative glass features. In conjunction with Cairone and Kaupp Inc., we turned an unused space into a beautiful and secluded garden where both patients and hospital staff can find an area within the hospital complex for quiet reflection.