PLANET Day of Service

We were happy to have participated in the PLANET Day of Service. What is the Day of Service you ask?

Every year PLANET (Professional Lawncare Network) organizes a day of service and opens up participation to lawn and landscape companies across the country. This coincides with National Volunteer Week and Earth Day. What a great opportunity for us to hear about the many opportunities to give back! You can see the map and a list of various projects completed and search by location.

Our crews participated in Chester, Pennsylvania at Jackie Robinson Little League. Baseball is said to be America’s sport. As true fans, we were happy to step up to bat!  This was a fun way for us to participate too. In our project, we worked to renovate this little league baseball field by edging baselines and the infield radius. We spread new infield mix to level and topdress infield areas and cut and trim grass on entire field and fencelines. The crews worked on 3 fields overall and got them ready for their opening day, April 28th.

You can read more about the Day of Service project at the Planet Website.

Emil Latini took the pictures below. Thanks, Emil!

We are grateful for this opportunity to participate. Kudos to PLANET for organizing this event and allowing us to be a part of this great day.